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Strength In Numbers

A story about overcoming societal norms and achieving financial unity by Louis Orazio II, CFP®, CFA

About the Book

A work of financial fiction, Strength in Numbers centers around the lives of three women as they overcome professional and personal challenges. While there is financial literacy sprinkled throughout the book, the story mainly addresses the emotional impact money has on a family and how to overcome fear and self-doubt.

The story begins with Tony Positano, a financial planner, addressing the call of a concerned lottery winner. She has just three weeks to claim more than $300 million dollars and doesn’t want her husband involved. A year earlier, Kate Becker is struggling to accept that her 27-year marriage is most likely over. Determined to rebuild her life one piece at a time, Kate begins to take small steps forward on her own. Meanwhile, Rachel Becker has been on maternity leave for the past four weeks. When her husband agrees to stay home with the baby, she returns to her job as an actuary where new challenges await. But as she, Kate, and other women learn to manage their money and relationships through inevitable obstacles, none realize that life will eventually reward them in ways never imagined.

About the Author

Louis Orazio, II is the Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Orazio Financial Services. As a financial planner, he assists clients through personal and financial challenges including divorce, loss of spouse, retirement planning, college planning, and estate counseling.  He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, CFA Charterholder, and is licensed to discuss insurance and investment products. 

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