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Orazio Financial Services

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Since our founding in 1991, Orazio Financial Services (OFS) has made it our goal to empower individuals and families in their financial lives.  Headquartered in Suffern, NY, OFS has assisted many within our community in achieving financial independence and confidence.  Throughout our 29-year history we have serviced low-income families and high net worth individuals, baby boomers and millennials, and individuals as well as small business owners.  As technology enhances our approach to planning, we have enjoyed the flexibility of working with many clients throughout the United States, thereby increasing our outreach.  We are licensed in every state our clients reside in, and can become licensed in your state if we are not already registered.  Through comprehensive investment, retirement, tax, insurance, estate, college, and small business planning we have continually educated our clients about options they can leverage in achieving their objectives.  It is our ambition to continue servicing our clientele in the manner we always have, as members of our family.

OFS is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in the State of New York and services over 600 client families.